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2/26/2011 - 5:02 PM

Greetings Friends..

I have spent the past few days working on the bbs. Updating the menus
and added a NO Graphics menu to the Web side of the BBS. 

Also i am letting expire. It's it's just another expense. 
Instead i moved all the BBS Website files and
the guestbook to This is a better option anyway.

I have been fiddling with the Newsgroups but it don't look promising.
And the BBS email access is turned off because of spammers breaking into
the wcstmp server. Most all the major ISP's have blocked email sent from
residential IP's anyway.

More later.. :)


10/12/2010 - 8:24 AM

FIDONEWS 27-40 Page 2 4 Oct 2010

Salute to a longtime sysop Richard Webb, 1:116/901 Fidonet, as we all know, is about connecting people. Although we forget that sometimes in our discussions of connection schemes for systems and other technical standards it's all meaningless if we don't actually connect people. IN fact, one of the biggest reasons we have heard since the internet became ubiquitous for taking down a fidonet board was "nobody calls anymore. They don't use the echoes, so I'll move on to other activities." This, then is an article about some of those people that FIdonet connects together. These people aren't listed in your nodelist, but, for many echomail conferences on the North American backbone they are the lifeblood of the conference. IN any echo which isn't related to operating a bbs directly, whether it be political chatter, nostalgia, automotive topics, if it's of interest to folks other than sysops you'll sooner or later see the following text in the origin line. * Origin: Doc's Place BBS Fido Since 1991 (1:123/140) This is also an article about someone whose name you will see in the fidonet nodelist. I have never noted his name in any other official or quasi official FIdonet document, but he appears in your nodelist, week after week, and keeps those users connected to the rest of us in the Fido world. Although Ed isn't one of the pioneers such as Tom Jennings, Ben Baker and others he operates one of the longest running systems available for bbs users in fidonet. When internet connectivity became the norm for transferring fidonet mail between systems, and telnet the most popular form of access for bbs users Ed made his system available to them via the internet. As others threw the big switch and users looked for a new BBS home Doc's beckoned with reliable offline reader facilities and the entire NOrth American Backbone available to them. Although I don't recall seeing Doc's users in echoes I frequented when I too operated a busy bbs system in the early 90's I know that he's been operational since 1991 as he states in his origin line. He's seen many come and go over the years, and remained faithful and available to his users. In fact, some time next year Ed's BBS will be celebrating 20 years of activity. IN North America the most popular portals to Fidonet for those not interested in becoming a sysop themselves was the bbs with the qwk or other offline reader door. Bulletin board systems such as Doc's filled the connectivity void for many when their local home town dial up FIdo board went dark. FIDONEWS 27-40 Page 3 4 Oct 2010 As is true for many Fidonet bulletin boards, Doc's is, in and of itself, a destination online. Just like the corner cafe or pub DOc's is a place to go to interact with others, to talk about politics, or the weather, or your favorite programming language, or .. I'm sure you get the idea. COmmunities grow up around such places as local pubs, restaurants, parks and other such venues. For some who cannot otherwise leave their homes to visit the local watering hole places like Doc's are welcoming and offer company, advice from friends and much more. Before there was SKype, and a broadband connection to most homes with instant messages and cheap long distance places such as Doc's offered a degree of connectivity to the otherwise shut in not available unless he or she wished to put forth the effort to become a radio amateur. Doc's is not just a community of users, but a gateway to numerous communities, i.e. echomail conferences. Doc's has kept folks connected to those communities they voluntarily joined for nearly twenty years. THough he hears it from those regular users of his system, I as another sysop would like to say a word of thanks to him for keeping those users connected, and participating. So Ed, consider that though to many your system is known, if at all as just another line in their nodelist, some of us appreciate what you've done for those folks you serve. THanks for helping keep some of our echoes alive by offering that portal to our little communities we've created in cyberspace.

10/12/2010 - 8:23 AM
10/12/2010 - 8:19 AM Greetings Everyone.. :) When you download your QWK packets, be sure to select Conference #2 our General Chatter conference. It would be nice to get a local BBS chatter going in there. AND I often post system announcements in there. Doc - Sysop.
5/20/2010 - 1:43 PM Greetings Everyone.. I had to delete everyones conference settings for qwk downloads. When i re-installed the backbone areas the conference numbers changed. So to prevent you getting a wrong conference in your QWK scan or uploading an older packet and chancing the messages got uploaded into a wrong conference i just deleted the bbs userconf.dat file. OK.. If you are accessing the BBS by the web, jus click on "Your QWK Settings" and reselect the areas you want to scan. Just don't forget to Commit Changes at the bottom of the page after selecting your areas. The messages and message numbers will start out at the beginning and you will automagically get the all messages in the conference in your scan. If you are Telnetting into the BBS go into the QWK door by selecting [Y] from the message menu. This will present you with your account settings. To your lower left is [O] Offline mail settings, go there. Then press [S] to select your conferences to scan. Select a conference group 1 Local Messages, 2 Backbone messages, tc. Then select the conference number and it's scan options. [Q] To exit back out of your settings. Then press [D] to download your QWK packet.
5/18/2010 - 2:58 PM Greetings Gang.. Our TZO.COM account expired and i decided to replace it with a free service. To access the bbs use I have updated the links on but you probably will have to refresh your systen a few time to see it. --- Celebrating 2 Decades Of Fidonet Service.
5/17/2010 - 5:45 PM Greetings Gang.. I have finally mustered together enough doe to get another computer for the bbs. It should be here Wednesday 05/19/2010. I have to switch hardware around here and there between 3 machines to acomplish my goal of a Fresh BBS OS Install of Windows 2k Professional. Windows 2000 Professional is a much more stable platform to run the BBS on instead of the XP-Pro that i am using now. I also plan on a fresh install of the BBS itself, and at this time i am going to update the Backbone Conference areas as well. This means that the Fidonet BACKBONE conference area numbers will change. I am also going to dump whatever backbone mail is in the databases at this time to prevent possible cross postings. Please download and send your replies up before 10:00 AM 05/19/2010 as the BBS will be taken offline at this time, and probably will be down at least 24 Hours and possibly longer. If you don't get your replies uploaded by this time they will get rejected when the BBS comes back online. If you have questions i can be reached at
12/24/2009 - 7:08 PM Greetings Everyone.. I just wanted to thank all of you that sent in donations, they are most appreciated. I also updated the stats generator to note donators on the who called today and yesterday html and ansi bulletin screens. Coming up on Jan 20 2010 we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary! I started this BBS in 1991 and it's hard to believe how far technology has evolved from those old days. Wishing all of you a very merry christmas.. :) DOC
12/14/2009 - 11:43 AM Greetings Everyone.. I have restored our BBS Email Services. Your email address here is Email via QWK in conference 0 is supported. However there is a charactor limitation in the qwk door itself, I'm not sure how many charactors are allowed but remember some being rejected. This is for outgoing mail only. Also be advised that AOL and Yahoo mail servers are rejecting our outgoing SMTP server's IP address because it is a residential account. It's just one way some of the big boys are controlling spammers. We also have a few Newsgroups installed starting at conference 600. More Later.. Merry Christmas Everyone. Doc
12/13/2009 - 1:24 PM Geetings Everyone.. I figured it about time for a newsletter update. Have been working on the bbs today. The telnet side doors are now working. And i have been working getting the files database to be in the robots path to get stuff like Nodelists and Backbone files where they will be indexed by search engine crawlers. As previously stated - I am doing a full reinstall of my operating system, and will also be updating the bbs conference areas, Many of the old areas are empty and it's easier do delete them all and import a current file. I plan on shutting the system down at 9:00 PM EST on 12/17/2009 to do this reinstall of XP Pro and the bbs itself. I will also be doing a full re-instalation of the backbone message bases. This means that the BACKBONE CONFERENCE NUMBERS/NAMES WILL CHANGE. Beware that if you don't get your qwk uploads in before i shut it down on 12/17/2009 at 9:00 PM EST your uploaded packet will be rejected because the conference number will no longer match the conference name!! Expect it to be down for 24 hours, possibly longer, as i have to reinstall the programs i use for work first, along with all the winders updates etc etc etc.
12/26/2006 - 6:34 PM Greetings Everyone.. Guess after better than a Year it's time for a newsletter. I have spent the past few days putting new life into this old bbs, and did a lot of system work behind the scene. Most noticable changes were to the web interface. I built a new menu system, added a lot of new features. A also installed a guestbook & would appreciate if everyone signed it. If you still Telnet in to download your QWK mail and upload the replies, You might want to surf in with your web browser and try our web based QWK system.. It's pretty slick and saves your qwk packets in your inbox if you loose one. Neat Stuff! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas.. And may next year find you all healthy and living good.. :) Ed Koon, Sysop.
8/7/2005 - 6:56 PM Greetings Gang.. I just ran some server maintanance and did a quick bbs backup just in case :).. It is Really Hot down here in Paradise!! Be glad when Fall gets here!! DOC
6/10/2005 - 10:07 PM I am finding that the server is rebooting due to a bug check. (not to be confused with a virus). It appears to be a memory allocation error. This server machine has been working flawlesly for over a year since i built it, but appears to be showing its age. It is an Intel P4 1.6 with a Gig of ram. Hopefully i can be able to build a new one sometime this year. Even though it is a dedicated machine for the bbs itself, there is a lot of usage going on. I have installed a program to auto login my profile on startup that should prevent it being unavalible. As it was before when it rebooted it just sat at the login promting for my password before starting the bbs. The auto login should prevent the bbs from being unavailable.
6/4/2005 - 9:25 PM Greetings Gang.. I just replaced the defective UPS that was causing the server shutdowns, That makes 3 of them in close to two years! I am thinking we have a wiring problem in this house! It has some of that old alluminum wiring that was common years ago. Unfortunatly i do not own the house, and the property owner don't like to fix things! So short of running a new circuit from the braker panel i'm SOL ;( Also i have not updated the donor screen on the Telnet side of the bbs in some time. However it is updated on our main website at Hurrycane season is upon us.. Again!! Hopefully they will stay far away from us this year! But if you live in an area that could potentially be in harms way be sure to make evacuation and asset protection plans early! Your life could depend on it! Any problems with the board please let me know at Ed
5/22/2005 - 7:55 PM Greetings Gang.. I guess it's about time to do a news letter update.. I have to admit i have been neglecting the board! So this weekend i have been doing some maintanance and other stuff.. Built a new DHTML (web side Menu) that i think looks pretty cool :) And added a Games Menu. Installed a game called Legond Of The Green Dragon! It is along the lines of the old Telnet LORD Game.. You can give it a try from the web side of the bbs. Also i discovered a new Cyber Power UPS i recently bought was shutting down during the night, this has been the cause of the system crashing! ARRRRRRR!! More Later :) DOC
4/12/2004 - 10:37 PM FORUM: (2) Friendly BBS Genrtal Chatter MSG#: 6598 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 12 Apr 2004, 08:44p TO: ALL SUBJECT: BBS Changes Greetings Gang.. I plan on making some changes to how you access the bbs next month. My car business on the net is getting weak, eBay used to be a good venue for selling cars but with all the fraud and misrepresentation it really blows now. I plan on using this as my main net presence which means putting it on a co hosted server somewhere so there is more bandwidth for car photos etc. The main site default page should be about the same, but to access the bbs i will be setting up for all bbs logins. If you are using our email service that will change to These changes will allow me the domain use for other things and still provide bbs access on the cable modem. It will also allow me to forward both & domains over to this one saving the anual hosting fees. I will give at least a weeks notice before making these changes. If you are now accessing the bbs from it should be transparent since i will change the links on the main menu. --- Ed Koon, System Administrator Doc's Place BBS Online WWW.DOCSPLACE.ORG
12/28/2003 - 3:12 PM FORUM: (5) System Announcements QWK SCAN MSG#: 31 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 28 Dec 2003, 03:05p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Rime Conferences Greetings Gang.. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I have made some changes to the Rime message importing process. There are messages on there server going back to 1999. It was taking several days to import them, So i changed the settings to get the last 100 messages in each group. These messages are imported in News Format and are handled buy our NNTP gateway. They are slow to import and process. So lets see how this works out. Any Questions? Let me know. Ed Koon Sysop
10/8/2003 - 6:55 PM FORUM: (2) Friendly BBS Genrtal Chatter NO FLAMES! MSG#: 3251 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 08 Oct 2003, 06:43p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Changes to bbs Greetings Gang.. I recently eliminated one of our web servers. Winserver has a built in web server that was crap in the early days but has been improved over time. We ran Xitami on its default http port 80, And the bbs itself on port 8080. When you went to you got the main web site page with (BBS HTML Login) in the upper right hand corner, you clicked that to get the next screen to login with either html or wcnav. However this procedure put you over to where you logged into the bbs. Xitami was generating errors and shutting down, I installed Microsoft Internet Information Services IIS5 that comes with our OS Windows 2000 Professional, IIS was too much and by default without registering it only allowed 10 connections at a time, no good either. Now here is what is causing the problems, I put the bbs back on the default http port 80 and combined all the pages on 1 server running on the default port 80. A lot of you have bookmarked the old login to bypass the inital screen. Using will no longer work as port 8080 is no longer used. I never thought about this before making the changes. So if you know others that can not log in please forward this message to them. Hotlinks that will work for a fast login are.. For HTML Web Browser Login For Wildcat Navigator Clients Or just go to and select your login from the menue :) This concerns the Web Side of the bbs only. Telnet has not changed. --- Ed Koon, System Administrator Doc's Place BBS Online WWW.DOCSPLACE.ORG
8/30/2003 - 4:22 PM FORUM: (2) Friendly BBS Genrtal Chatter NO FLAMES! FROM: ED KOON DATE: 30 Aug 2003, 02:11p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Problems Greetings Gang.. Happy holiday to all of you. We are having hardware issues, The server has froze hard 3 times in the past week. I am thinking it is about time to build a new one. Adding the Rime backbone has really loaded this machine down. I am paying more close attention to it than usual and doing backups every 2 days in case it dies all to gether. Check out the Rime Conferences starting at 1200 and up. We now have a new web side html menu. And you can download qwk mail with your web browser here as well. More Later :) Ed
8/6/2003 - 9:32 PM FORUM: (4) New Users Requesting Fido Access MSG#: 52 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 06 Aug 2003, 09:29p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Access Greetings Gang.. After all the echo abuse of the past i secretly re-opened the bbs to anyone on the first call. However it soon proved to be a problem. I received this from Ross Casell last night. From: "Ross Cassell" To: Subject: Bogus Users Date: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 8:39 PM You may want to check out any user of your system with the last name of: Moleman there are a couple, but one in particular is called Hans Moleman, which is a name of a character on one of them Fox TV cartoon characters. As usual its people terrorizing the POL_INC echo.. and be on look out for anyone using the names of: Agent Sculley Agent Mulder -- Ross ICQ: 5305939 ----------------------------------------------------------------- So.. Since i do not have the time to Baby Sit Adults that have nothing to do than cause others problems! I have Closed this BBS to any New Users! I really don't have the time to Baby Sit those of you that never were tought how to act in public! This BBS will live out its life with the current users it has, unless someone can convince me why it should not! Until that time it will remain a closed system! DOC
5/15/2003 - 10:58 PM FORUM: (5) System Announcements QWK SCAN MSG#: 1 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 15 May 2003, 10:54p TO: ALL SUBJECT: NETMAIL QWK UPLOADS Greetings Gang.. I have been working on our Netmail Routing and QWK Problem. As you may know Winservers QWK door does not support Netmail Addressing, This means that if you upload your netmail replys there will be no FTSC address to send to. The solution i have found is the old Santronics Silver Express mail door. It downloads in what looks like OPX format but is actually QWK and it does support Netmail addressing! Best bet for your netmail replys is to create a seperate docs.rep packet and press S from the QWK menu, This will take you into the SX Mail Door where you can upload your rep file. You can use this for all your QWK downloads and uploads too. I have tested this with Multi Mail and it works fine :) Give it a try.. Ed
3/2/2003 - 2:36 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Chatter (PLEASE QWK SCAN!) MSG#: 5484 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 02 Mar 2003, 02:29p TO: ALL SUBJECT: New Members Greetings Gang.. Ok i think i have the solution to our abusive new users. I have re-configured the server to allow new users access to Conference #4 Only! Here they must request access to the Fidonet Conferences. They have no other privileges on the system. I would appreciate if you would scan conference #4 in your downloads and help screen the new users before i upgrade there access. I just cleaned out the user database. We had over 2000 users with the greatest majority one time visitors back to 1999! I deleted anyone that had not logged in within the past 90 days. That brought us to 265 active users. I have also disabled email service to anyone that i do not know or is not a supporter. It was being abused as well, including a couple that used it to defraud eBay members. I hope these changes will keep the Rif Raff out and make bbsing a more enjoyable experience. As always your comments are welcome. Ed
2/22/2003 - 9:03 PM -------- Forwarded Message --------- Original: DATE..... 22 Feb 2003, 07:01a Original: FROM..... ROSS CASSELL Original: TO....... ALL Original: SUBJECT.. The System Original: FORUM.... Eastern Star (Our Mail Stats) Original: NETWORK.. LOCAL ECHO: EASTSTAR Hello All! On Wednesday night 02/19/2003, I was changing out the heatsink and cooling fan for the computer that runs the mail hub, a crowded motherboard and a poorly designed spring clip on the new heatsink led to me nicking the motherboard and rendering it useless. As a result of this, I quickly called up my friends at, and ordered a replacement barebones system to be rushed delivered to here. A SOYO case, motherboard, power supply and new CPU. I received these Friday and I came back online friday evening. The new system is a upgrade of sorts but of course is not the ideal upgrade I was planning, both the new and the old CPU chips are AMD Athlons, except the new chip is a Althon XP 1700+ a couple hundred MHZ faster than what I had, I had 768M of RAM, now I have a GIG of ram. The motherboard has some of the peripherals built in, so I dont have to tie up PCI slots for a network or sound card. The one thing I dont like about the new motherboard is its onboard video, its only 8MB of video RAM and it shares the system memory, so I will go out and get a more robust PCI video card today and disable the onboard video. While I was down, on my other system (old mail hub machine from 1998-2001) which I run my BBS on with BBBS, was setup to impersonate 1:123/500, so I was able to keep the mail moving. There will be for some of you a few "holes" in the mail timeline, as I cant get BBBS to rescan back to 1:123/500 the mail it took in during the outage. If you want, let me know and I can assign you a logon account that you can use to logon to the BBS to read up on anything you may want to catch up on via HTTP or TELNET? == Ross
2/20/2003 - 10:20 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Chatter (PLEASE QWK SCAN!) MSG#: 5451 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 20 Feb 2003, 07:34p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Mail Feed Down Greetings Gang.. This just received by email from our fido hub Ross Cassell. ----------------------------------------------------------- Mainboard failure on HUB CPU while changing heatsink and fan on CPU chip, I suspect I nicked MB with the spring clip as I was fighting to install it. I have BBBS on other system impersonating 1:123/500 but I only have it peering to a few hubs in the zone, BBBS is mostly text based config and with the time constraints of the work week.. I have a new barebones setup being rushed delivered to me by Friday 02/21, it is a Athlon XP 1700+ with MB, case and Power supply, I will have 1 gig of RAM in it, this is a slight upgrade from what I had, it should go rather smoothly, all I have to do is pop the hard drives and other drives out of old case into the new one.. My apologies. I should be back up to 100% status by Friday afternoon/evening, I should come home from work and find my delivery and get started immediately. -- Ross Cassell ICQ: 5305939
1/23/2003 - 5:47 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Chatter (PLEASE QWK SCAN!) MSG#: 5212 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 23 Jan 2003, 02:35p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Changes Greetings Friends.. To clarify the changes around here. The following echoes are Read Only and require a message to me in this conference for write access: HOLYSMOKE POLITICS ALL-POLITICS POLY-TICS POL_INC. The BBS Itself is closed to new users until further notice. However anyone requesting a new acct here may email me at and i will take it into consideration. I hate to go this drastic route but when i get a modrtator request i must investigate and take whatever action is necessary. Ed
1/6/2003 - 8:22 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Chatter (PLEASE QWK SCAN!) MSG#: 5098 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 05 Jan 2003, 07:59p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Accessing The BBS Greetings Everyone.. I hope all of you had a good holiday season.. There are 3 ways to connect here and download your qwk packets. The old way by Telnet using a Telnet Terminal Program You can download your qwk packets with any web browser with out any special client software. Just go to and select BBS Web Browser Login, The next window will have 3 choices, Existing User Login Using Active HTML. Existing User Login Using Windows Clients. And New User Login. I reccommend using Active HTML Login where you will be presented with a username and password box. Once logged in you will see a link to Download QWK Packet, Our system will pack your qwk packet up and prompt you to download it with your web browser, just save it to your usual directory and your good to go. Plus if the packet gets lost you can go back in and download it again because it is in your Inbox. The Windows Client Login uses the Wildcat Navigator Clients and really Sucks in my opinion. Ed
9/4/2002 - 12:13 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Info, Etc. (Please Qwk Scan) FROM: ED KOON DATE: 04 Sep 2002, 12:09p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Update Greetings Gang.. Just a quick thank you to those who have made bbs donations! Your few bucks here and there help with paying our internet access, domain and hosting fees, hardware & software upgrades, etc. Just FYI we are currently running on a Pentium IV 1.9 with a Gig of Ram. The OS is Windows 2k Professional which is really stable. All incoming and outgoing mail including personal email and newsgroups is scanned with Norton AV 2002. It is rewarding to see so many are enjoying the system! Thanks for being here :-) Ed
8/31/2002 - 8:30 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs, Sys Info, Etc. (Please Qwk Scan) FROM: ED KOON DATE: 31 Aug 2002, 08:21p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Backbone Update And Other Stuff! Greetings Gang.. OK the backbone update is complete.. We lost about 200 Dead Conferences!! I have everything areafixed from my hub Ross Cassell. Now here is the Next Twist that should not effect your messaging. King Ross Cassell has decided to build his kingdom of IP Nodes like us! So our node number will change to 1:263/140 this will not effect echomail operations which will not have any user required changes except if sending Netmail Messages! BTW: Netmail on this system is Not Supported with QWK or our Web Interface!!! The only way to send Fidonet Netmail Is Online Through Telnet! I hope all of you enjoy the holiday! Im here working on the BBS.. But thats ok.. I enjoy providing the service :) DOC
8/5/2002 - 10:14 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs, Sys Info, Etc. (Please Qwk Scan) MSG#: 4812 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 05 Aug 2002, 10:11p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Maintanance Greetings Gang.. I need to do some much needed system and disk maintanance. So i will probably pull the server down tomorow morning for a couple of hours. I appreciate the recent system donations and have added those who have donated to our contributing users list. Donations help out a lot & i really appreciate it!! Please visit this is a really nice sit with tons of older bbs's past and present. do a search for your old bbs and list yourself as a past user. search for docs place and add yourself as a user so when old bbs buddies search for your name they can find you here! More Later.. :) DOC
7/21/2002 - 10:11 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs, Sys Info, Etc. (Please Qwk Scan) MSG#: 4796 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 20 Jul 2002, 10:17p TO: ALL SUBJECT: New Network Xpresit Net Is Here Greetings Gang.. Doc's Place has joined the Xpresit Network! This is a free speach network where everyone is entitled to there opinion. Itis unmoderated But there is one rule No Flame Wars! Check it out! Starting at Conference 75. Mail is sent and received hourly byftp. Very Active Network! Let me know what you think. Ed
5/6/01 - 6:29 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs, Sys Info, Etc. (Please Qwk Scan) FROM: ED KOON DATE: 04 May 2001, 03:37p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Newsgroups Greetings Gang.. I will install newsgroups by Request Only. Be sure to have the spelling correct with your request. Import/Export will be on an hourly basis. However bear in mind, I am usually quite busy getting going. There are times that i may be unable to add requested groups due to my business schedule. Right now its kind of slow and i have the time to spare to play with my hobby here. So if you dont see your requested group added right away its probably cause im Up To My Ass In Alligators! :) Also i DO NOT GUARANTEE the content of Newsgroups to be sutable to minors! So with this in mind Please do not request any groups that contain Porn or other unsutable content for minors. Thanks to all of you for helping Docs Place to Keep Fidonet Alive! Ed
2/27/01 - 4:57 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 4117 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 27 Feb 2001, 04:52p TO: ALL SUBJECT: System Changes Greetings Gang.. I have switched our fido feed to Ross Cassell 1:18/500 everything is working as it should. I have also set our domain controler to point back to our current IP it is pretty much static, So if the blasted thing thinks were offline it will point right back here.. If the DSL goes down you will not be routed to the auto website, just will get a can not find server error. Experimenting.. but in theory it should work :) I also did a complete backup of the BBS today. We are also running a drive defrag event at midnite that may slow the server for about 10 minutes. Cheers! Ed
2/27/01 - 11:56 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 4116 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 27 Feb 2001, 11:53a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Domain Controller Greeting Everyone.. Looks like the domain controler puked last night.. Its hard to come up here at night to reboot the server, Im trying to get SDSL installed at the ranch.. But its through Telocity and so far it has worked for 1 Day out of 2 weeks! IF they ever get it working right i will build a new server & take the bbs home. Also.. John Sovestre has closed up shop, looks like a couple of days early.. I am now switching our feed to Ross Cassell so there should be mail later in the day.. More Later :) Ed
1/23/01 - 3:30 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 4018 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 22 Jan 2001, 09:54p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Web Update Greetings Gang.. I got the key file for the new templates today, Seems only i could see the changes with out it. This program is a public pre release beta, so not all features are added yet. It offers the download/upload qwk packets, but lacked the select conferences to scan option. I added a link from the main menu to the old winserver select conferences option, Just select all conferences, check those you want to scan, click submit changes at the bottom of the page, then click Home, and then download qwk mail. There is no reset message pointers yet, I assume that will come later on, But you can still either Telnet in or use the Wildcat Navigator to do this. One change i like is the preview message theme/skins. The spell checker needs some attention but still catches 99% of the misspelling. Another nice addition is a address book where you can add your recipient and keep notes etc. It also will allow you to have a signature line to be added to each message if checked. If you change themes it will be necessary to refresh your browser, or at least i have to :). I hope everyone finds it to be useful, Well worth the 49.95 it cost. --- Ed Koon, System Administrator Doc's Place BBS Online!
1/21/01 - 11:10 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 4002 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 21 Jan 2001, 11:05a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Web Based QWK Greetings Gang.. If you are experimenting with the web based qwk system? It is best to keep a copy of your .REP packets in case one gets lost. Web based QWK works the same way as telnet, With the exception of the system creates an attachment to a message you download from the bbs when it prompts you to do so. Upload works slightly different, when you click on upload qwk packet another screen appears prompting you to locate your rep file, select it from your local directory tree C:\qwk\uploads\docs.rep etc and click upload, the bbs will copy that file from your hard drive. I am still waiting for the reg key for the program that will unlock all the features. It has neat skins that let you select different web based message options, Like message preview mode so you see the first few lines under each message, etc etc. I hope everyone enjoys these new features. Hey i just remembered... Its my birthday and im down here at the shop working on the BBS!!! Ed
1/20/01 - 5:22 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 3994 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 20 Jan 2001, 05:19p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Web Messaging Pro! Greetings Gang.. You now can do QWK from your web browser! This is Really Cool!!! Next time go to our web side at and you will see two links on the main menu to Download and Upload Qwk! Give it a try.. Let me know what you think?? Later.. :) Ed ... Doc's Place Online! Fidonet 1:18/140 Telnet: BBS.DOCSPLACE.ORG
1/8/01 - 7:20 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 3970 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 07 Jan 2001, 07:07p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Template Update Greetings Gang.. I have ordered a new set of DHTML Templates with a drop down spell checker for the web side of the bbs. This is the nicest enhancement i have seen for winserver! More Info: Soon you will be able to download/upload qwk packs from your web browser! No telnet client is required. I intend on supporting the ansi side of the bbs, However everything seems to be moving toward the web these days. I just had a look at the new Wildcat-6 AKA Winserver 2000, Nice software package! Check it out: Special thanks to all our supporters who are greatly appreciated! More Later! Ed
1/5/01 - 4:42 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 3960 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 05 Jan 2001, 04:39p TO: ALL SUBJECT: DSL Update Greetings Gang.. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, Verizon has changed our DSL install date to Jan 16 2001! This Sucks!! They Really Suck Too!!! Oh well just have to wait a little longer! I changed the background and font colors on the web side bbs templates, also changed the font size, that should make it easier for those of you that access us via there web browser. Let me know your thoughts on this change. Hope everyone had a happy holiday season! More Later! Ed
12/29/00 - 12:21 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 3943 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 29 Dec 2000, 12:15p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Status Update Greetings Gang Special Thanks to Jeremy Slater for donating one of his dial up lines for us to camp out on until the DSL can be installed! It is scheduled for Jan 05 2001. I have plans on giving the bbs a face lift next year, There is now a method of doing qwk through a web browser. Other options available are web based (html) spell checker, Lots of java script games are available too. We will be upgrading to Wildcat 6.0 AKA Winserver as soon as it is released. Thanks to everyone for there loyalty and support of the system this year! Look for some big improvements next year! Happy New Years To All! Ed
10/20/00 - 6:31 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 3595 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 20 Oct 2000, 04:33p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Modem Greetings Gang.. Well it looks like my trusty US Robotics Courier V-Everything had died a miserable death after many many years of service. I popped in a cheapy 56k internal to get us back up again for now. This Dial Up Sucks! Monday is the big DSL Day.. I hope they get it working, we are 1100 feet further than the normal distance dsl is guaranteed to work. They seem to think it will, And I am keeping my fingers crossed! More Later Ed
9/2/00 - 10:10 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 3495 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 02 Sep 2000, 09:52a TO: ALL SUBJECT: System Update Greetings Gang.. I have recently ran the Auto update on winserver and we now have the latest version update. One change was the addition of a Time Left entry in the system activity logs. The reason for this is users accessing the bbs through the web browser were being allowed unlimited time instead of the 90 minutes that is the default access profile. This is a bug fix in winserver that many sysops running wins as isp's have asked for. The down side of this is my who called today program is confused & cant properly read and display callers stats. It is no longer supported so i will have to look around for a replacement. This system is supported by those who use is & myself. This last crash was very expensive! Its hard to predict when lightning is going to strike, And i cant just shut down & unplug everything when the weather gets bad. We are surge & ups protected though. My special thanks to Steve Kemp, Charles Hunter & Willard Wyatt for there recent donations! Support is greatly appreciated & as a perk for contributing to the system you get unlimited access on our bbs. My address is 3040 Glen Oak Ave North, Clearwater, Fla, 33759. More Later.. Ed
4/8/00 - 10:46 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 2948 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 08 Apr 2000, 10:41p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Net Problems Greetings Gang.. My apologies for the service interruption.. I have been in contact with GTE inter networking, Finally got to level 2 tech support.. Whew.. That only took about 3 hrs! There working on the problem, which i think is a severely overloaded router at hop one from me ( If you cant connect try pinging that ip & see what kind of packet loss you record. They have me hopping from Clearwater to Cambridge MA and back to Tampa Fla! This mess started Thursday night & is getting worse. Seems to be mostly during prime time. Hopefully it will be fixed soon! Its a trip when you know more about the problem than the person your talking to! Sheesh!! Me.
4/4/00 - 11:51 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 2934 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 04 Apr 2000,11:44a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Security Update Greetings Gang.. I have just installed a Telnet & Http call back verifier. All new users of this system will be required to go through the Verification Process. Press * from the main menu. or if your using your web browser to access the bbs, Please download the wildcat navigator from file area #3 And Install It. Upon entering the Verifier it will email a Validation Code. Come back into the Verifier & select Upgrade Access, Enter the code that you received, Thats it! Your Upgraded. I hope you entered your email address correctly in the New User Questionnaire! If you didn't.. Too Bad Also.. I am moving in 2 weeks, The dial up number will change to 727-799-7884 Please jot this new number down. Thanks! Ed.
2/29/00 - 3:00 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 2828 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 29 Feb 2000, 02:43p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Hardware Update.. Greetings Gang.. I will be performing much needed System Mainanance Saturday or Sunday. The system is becoming very unstable lately. This will probably take several hours to do. I will place a message in the docsplace listserve before & after this is completed. Thanks! Ed.
12/1/99 - 9:26 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 2155 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 01 Dec 1999, 09:22a TO: ALL SUBJECT: IP CHANGE! Greetings Gang.. It looks like GTE has changed our ip to My isp is updating our domain but this will take 12-24 hrs to become active. Please use this ip to Telnet in with. Please join our listserve at its called DOCSPLACE this lets you get info on how to get into the bbs when things like this happen. Happy Holidays Everyone! I appreciate all the Donations you have sent in. They reall help out this time of year! More Later! Ed.
11/9/99 - 8:14 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 2068 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 09 Nov 1999, 08:09p TO: ALL SUBJECT: News Letter Update.. Greetings Gang.. Thanks to Willard Wyatt & Arnie Sossners recent donations, we now have the latest winserver files! Thanks Guys!! This will make the bbs totally Y2K Compatable! Now all i have to do is install NT4 Service pack #6 to bring NT into Y2K Comp. will do this after i back up this new configuration. The Aup didnt fix the Netmail Problems though. Its got me stumped!! Waiting on a return email from support. Hang in there I'll get it fixed somehow :) My address has changed to 15501 George Boulevard #2 Clearwater Fla 33760. for those who want to make donations :) More Later! Ed. Help Insure The Survival Of The Species! WWW.BBS-PROMOTION.ORG
9/12/99 - 12:37 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1855 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 12 Sep 1999, 12:30p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Moving The Server Tomorow! Greetings Gang.. I will be moving the server to my house tomorow (Monday the 13th) We will be down for a spell. Hopefully it wont be more than a few hrs.. Also our IP May Change! If it does i will post it on the docsplace listserve. It takes 24 to 48 hrs to make the changes to our domain. Are YOU Subscribed to our listserve?? If NOT please go to WWW.ONELIST.COM and subscribe to DOCSPLACE this will keep you posted about system status etc. Thanks! Ed.
8/6/99 - 9:23 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1806 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 06 Aug 1999, 09:18a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Maintanance Greetings Gang.. Im planning System Maintanance Tomorow (Saturday) Morning. We will be Offline for a couple of hours. This new DSL is really great! I have it plugged into my hub so both computers can use the internet. Great for sending Live Video. The office cam link is Also i have switched Fido Feeds, Making the mail runs manually because my scripting ftp program dont like OS/2 Aparantly More Later. Me.
6/26/99 - 2:42 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1696 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 26 Jun 1999, 12:39p TO: ALL SUBJECT: DSL Upgrade Greetings Gang. I am looking into DSL for a bandwidth increase. Gte has a 768k up/down for a lot less than im paying for the ISDN. If things work out it should be a lot faster. Im debating on getting rid of the dial up line, It only has 1 caller these days. Net-3603 has died a miserable death. We went from 50 nodes down to 6 or so. Web space is avalible to supporting users. If you wish to have a home page here ( leave me a private message with your desired directory name & ftp login and password. More Later :) Ed.
5/30/99 - 11:21 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1617 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 30 May 1999, 11:16a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Backbone Update! Greetings Gang.. I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday! Its getting time to Update the Fido Backbone Conferences. Many are New & Lots are Dead! In order to keep current with the changes i usually import a new file once a year. While this is easy with Winserver, Platinum Xpress is a task, I must manually add & link each conference. Last time i did it took a full day to do. I will be doing this Probably Next Sunday. You will have to reselect your conferences in the qwk door afterwards. It will be best if you get any Replies in early Sunday AM! I will stop importing mail Saturday Night so nothing is lost in the update. If something comes up where i cant do this Sunday i will post in this conference, But NOT to the newsletter. And i Thank All You Supporters who have Donated to the BBS! It Is a Big Help To Me!! Cheers! -=DOC=- ... Help Insure The Survival Of The Species! WWW.BBS-PROMOTION.ORG
5/3/99 - 6:07 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1511 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 03 May 1999, 06:02p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Subscription Bbs Greetings Gang.. I am going ahead with the plans to make this a subscription bbs. All of you that haven't been a supporter of this bbs in the past will be required to make a 25.00 contribution for 1 years access if you wish to continue using this service. Read Bulleton #5 for further info. Thats Only 2.00 month! Well Worth it Too! I hate to do this but we have went from 39.95 month Cable Modem service, to 128k Isdn at 49.95 month plus the line charge. When i lost the MSN account & had to secure a dedicated connection the rate went up to 150.00 month, Plus the telco charges. I just cant afford it now. I Appreciate All You Supporting Users! You will still have your Unlimited Lifetime Access Here! Ed. Help Insure The Survival Of The Species! WWW.BBS-PROMOTION.ORG
5/1/99 - 6:41 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1489 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 01 May 1999, 06:37p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Dnd Update Greetings Gang :) Our Domain has been updated & the records are in place on my isp's server. Our acct will expire tomorow night. This should give us time for the changes to work through the worlds name servers without any interuption of service. I am debating whether to turn this bbs into a subscription board. Times are tough here & the monthly bills are more than i can handle, If Doc's Place is to survive this may be its only chance. More Later. -=DOC=- ... Help Insure The Survival Of The Species! WWW.BBS-PROMOTION.ORG
4/26/99 - 2:32 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1457 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 26 Apr,09:25a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Important News! Read This!!! Greetings Gang.. I am having my domain transferred to my Isdn Provider. is up for renewal & wants 159.00 for another year. So i guess Not!! Anyway.. Our STATIC IP Will Be.. You can use this to get in if the domain dont work. I will start updating the domain with the Internic Today, It should take up to 5 days complete this move. -=DOC=- ... Help Insure The Survival Of The Species! WWW.BBS-PROMOTION.ORG
4/9/99 - 6:38 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1384 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 09 Apr 1999, 03:34p TO: ALL SUBJECT: [docsplace] Re: Connects? Greetings Gang! My new Isp took me off the idler last night, I was getting booted every 4 hrs, Of course this changed the config on his end. The cure was for me to uncheck, use ip header compression. After that we were fine. I have been busy working, sorry for the late notification. I also dont have another isp, so i had no way of posting to the listserve. Plan on installing NetZero on my laptop, They provide free net access. Usefull if im offline & unable to contact everyone :) My new Secondary Email Address Is If something pukes here i will use it to post to the Listserve. For those of you who havent Donated to the Bbs Yet, Now would be a Good Time :) Read Bulleton #5 for Support Info. Ed. ... Help Insure The Survival Of The Species! WWW.BBS-PROMOTION.ORG
4/5/99 - 9:26 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1368 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 05 Apr 1999, 09:23p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Bad News! Greetings Gang.. Our Internet Connection just got Verry Expensive! Aparently MSN dont like Line Campers & Canceled our UNLIMITED ACCOUNT! I have had to secure a Dedicated Account with a local provider, This will add close to 200.00 to the BBS Overhead Monthly. I sure could use some $$$ Donations are Really Needed! Our Webcam is up & running, its at You might see me working :) More Later :) Ed. ... Help Insure The Survival Of The Species! WWW.BBS-PROMOTION.ORG
1/3/99 - 4:31 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1003 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 03 Jan 1999, 04:26p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Newsletter Greetings Gang.. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. This Month were celebrating 1 year online through the net. Looks like the Isdn is working pretty good. I recently installed a higher speed serial card with 16750 uarts on it to allow better throughput. Your name is your email address. use any mail client to send & receive. Set the incoming (pop3) & outgoing (smtp) servers to It works great! Also now for the Beg Notice Doc's Place is supported by the Sysop & User Donations! It is a lot of work keeping this service avalible for your pleasure. Donations help pay the monthly cost for our Internet Connection, Fidonet Feed, And help purchase new hardware when needed. Please help support this fine resource. Make what ever amount of contribution you feel comfortable with & get unlimited access here! plus the fast login shortcuts ! & * these shortcuts will take you to either the mail door or the main menu. Please read bulleton #5 for support information. Oh well.. More Later & Happy New Year to All Of You!! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop, ICQ 23529940
12/6/98 - 9:06 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 839 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 06 Dec 1998, 09:00p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Bandwidth Increase! Greetings Gang. Tuesday is the ISDN Install Day. Not sure what time though. So if were down for a few hours its because im moving this mess of cables & other junk up to the shop :) At that time our new Dial Up Node will be active for local callers to call in via modem. That number will be 727-507-0492 Net access is avalible with this number using our gui the Wildcat Navigator. To those of you who Have Not Yet Contributed to the Bbs? Now would be a good time :-) this move is costing a small fortune! More Later.. And Merry Christmas Everyone!! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop, ICQ 23529940
11/25/98 - 11:03 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 815 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 25 Nov 1998, 10:26p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Hello Everyone Greetings Gang. Im sorry for not answering all your messages lately. I have been working with a few other sysops getting a bbs-promotion listserve active. We are a group of sysops interested in getting the word out about bbs's & educating the new generation of net users what a bbs is & how they can benefit from calling a bbs. We have set up a listserve at and welcome all of you to subscribe to this listserve. we need your thoughts & suggestions to help our cause. We are not a origination or other entity that is competing for a position on a bod. We are just a "Team" of friendly sysops working toward a common goal to promote bbs's Please visit our website at Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving to All Of You! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop, ICQ 23529940
11/3/98 - 9:26 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 748 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 11/03/98 09:22p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Newsletter Update Greetings Gang. It looks like winter is fast approaching us. Its been a long Hot Summer here in Clearwater Fla, Im looking forward to the cooler weather. After working outside all summer i wear shorts all winter long, except if a cold front pushes the temperature close to freezing :) We have been avalible to the internet fido users for 8 months now & im looking forward to celebrating our first year online in January. Doc's Place is not new to fido though. Its been here since 1991 as a local dial up bbs. When the callers got down to 3 or 4 a day i took it to the internet. Im glad i did. It renewed a dying hobby i enjoy verry much. I also want to thank those of you who have supported Doc's Place by contributing to the bbs! I dont think we would have made it through the summer without your support. It looks like the dial up internet connection is working pretty good, so i think i will stick with it for the rest of the year. I am doing disk defrags a few of minutes after midnight so this probably will slow us down for about 20 minutes. I am also mirroring our primary drive C: to another drive sunday mornings. This is better than a backup. in the event of a primary drive failure i just plug in the mirrored drive and go. Another great feature of Windows NT Server 4.0. More Later.. Stay Warm Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop, Email: ... Doc's Place Bbs Online. Full Fidonet Coverage! WWW.DOCSPLACE.ORG
10/28/98 - 8:24 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 704 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 10/28/98 08:20a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Bandwidth Greetings Gang. I think i will stick with the current dial up analog net connection for a while. Christmas is coming & our lease here will be up next month, we will probably move at this time. I really want to keep the bbs here anyway. Our reliability will probably drop if its somewhere i cant keep an eye on it. The isdn service requires a 36mo contract with the telco, or a 200.00 install fee. a 329.00 isdn modem. This is just out of the budget at this time. It looks like everyone is getting there mail ok. I have heard of some kind of wireless high speed net access that will be avalible next year. I also edited my ftp scripts to send/receive only the mail packets hourly & call a new script at 01:00edt to get the fdn files. This should help with inbound access. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop, Email:
10/11/98 - 12:25 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 510 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 10/11/98 12:11p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Listserve Greetings Gang. I have set up a listserve for us. This is for General Chatter, And System News Etc. Please Subscribe to this list! In the event of a Major Crash or Other Disaster that puts us Offline i can let all of you know the status. Subscribe here :) Thanks! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop, Email:
9/24/98 - 10:50 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 342 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 09/24/98 09:31p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Storm Greetings Gang. It looks like we will have flooding here, The ground is already saturated from the rain we have been getting this summer, Im in evacuation zone D. I will be here watching the situation & if necessary shut down & move the system to high ground. I will have a system status page at If we go down please check this url for info. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop, Email:
9/22/98 - 8:32 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 237 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 09/20/98 09:12a TO: ALL SUBJECT: IHub Greetings Gang.. It would be appreciated if some of you who Havent Sent in a donation yet chip in on this. :) Were really stretched for funds this month, I usually pay this for 6 months at a time to get a discount. Its much appreciated :) Ed. -------- Forwarded Message --------- Original: DATE..... Sep 20, 1998 04:48a Original: FROM..... JOHN SOUVESTRE (1:396/1) Original: TO....... ED KOON (1:3603/140) Original: SUBJECT.. IHub Original: FORUM.... Routed Netmail Hello Ed. It's that time again. :-) I show that your IHub account is due. Fee: - $25 per month for full (mail and files) IHub service. Due in advance. - $15 per month for mail-only or file-only IHub service. Due in advance. - 10% discount for 3 months payment, 15% for 6 months, 20% for 12 months. - If you intend to resell the feed for profit, the fee is double. Note: "For profit" does *not* include Cost Recovery Plans. - Check or money order: Payable to Southern Star and mail to Southern Star, PO Box 7335, Metairie LA 70010 - Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express): Send the card number, card expiration date, billing name, and billing address. Thanks, John
8/26/98 - 10:01 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 08/26/98 09:52p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Crash Greetings Gang.. Im just getting the message areas back in order after last nights failure of drive #1 It just disapeared like poof! This is the drive that lost the boot partition last month, It was also D: E: & F: the messages were on F: I have recreated the message paths on this drive C: & got a Rma from Maxtor to return this Dud! Which will take 6 to 8 business days. The file database is in shambles! i lost 85% of the files this time, but i have the cd's & will re copy them to disk when the new drive gets here. There was also a corrupt echo processor database that trashed any messages that were uploaded today. Please Re Upload Them. This is getting to be a pain in the arse! Guess i should buy a Lottery Ticket this weekend.. Man o Man.. What a Server we would have if i Win!! Also my Prayers are with those of you who are in the path of Bonnie! Im worried about Danielle thats heading here.. More Later! Ed.
8/25/98 - 11:33 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 2 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 08/25/98 10:54p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Crash!! Greetings Gang.. Well we just lost the rest of drive 1 that crashed a month ago! It just disapeared.. We lost the message database, So i moved the path over to drive C: that contained the os. The messages will build up again, However your message pointers should have been reset to 0 since they all were lost ;( They will build up quickly though. All the or most of the file database was lost, I have the cd's that were copyd to disk & will reinstall em as soon as i can get another drive to replace the one that went belly up. Guess i should buy a lottery ticket this week More Later! Ed.
8/25/98 - 8:19 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1306 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 08/24/98 09:06a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Greetings Gang. Just a reminder, If your still using DOCSPLACE.DYN.ML.ORG to connect here, please use BBS.DOCSPLACE.ORG Since the NT Crash From Hell, I have been unable to connect to ml's servers to update our ip address. Have tried sending email etc with no luck. It is working now, But If Our IP Changes it Wont! So please use BBS.DOCSPLACE.ORG for everything here. Ed.
8/3/98 - 12:11 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 1177 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 08/03/98 12:06p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Newsletter Update. Greetings Gang. After a Horrible NT Blue Screen Crash Were Back :) I somehow lost the boot sector of Drive C: which was also D: E: & F:. After a fresh install of NT and restoration or winserver from tape it seems ok. Everyone Using QWK is advised to check there settings! Message Pointers Are Off!! I hate to Beg But.. I will not be able to afford to keep this bbs up much longer without more User Support. Tne cost of keeping this service online is too much at this time. My business is slow, Diane is only working part time. I need to replace the drive that failed, Also i would like to replace this aging pentium 150 cpu & motherboard. If all of you sent me a few bucks it would really help out. Hardware donations would be helpful as well. Please help me keep this valuable resource alive! Read bulleton #5 for info. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
7/8/98 - 8:19 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 993 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 07/08/98 06:54p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Fast Login Shortcuts. Greetings Gang. I am changing the fast login shortcuts around. I have them backwards. the default in wildcat is !=QWK *=Main Menu. After much Swearing & Cussing i finally managed to restore my old dos bbs menus from a few years back. I hope to recreate an old time dos bbs look here. I posted another message in PLATINUM_XPRESS & WILDCAT5 about the proper way to enter netmail messages via qwk. More Later! Ed.
7/4/98 - 6:33 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 972 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 07/04/98 06:28p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Happy Holiday Greetings Gang. Happy Independence Day to everyone here. Were under a Fireworks Ban here due to the dry conditions. St Petersburg is having its anual fireworks display since its on a barge in tampa bay, guess the bay wont burn. Guess its time for a newsletter update. However nothing much is new. Welcome to all our new users here. If your new to Wildcat and are having problems figuring out how to configure your qwk settings please read bulleton #8 or press ? from any menu. The wife is getting tired of my "pecking on the computer" says i spend too much time on it. Oh well.. More Later! Ed.
5/30/98 - 10:26 AM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 635 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 05/30/98 10:20a TO: ALL SUBJECT: Http Server Errors Greetings Gang.. I just noticed the http side of the bbs was not connecting. Looks like a port failed, I switched it to port 81 & all seems fine now. The strange thing was it worked fine localy. I noticed the lack of http callers & decided to test it from my laptop & discovered the error. If you cant connect in the future my gte account email address is please send me a note explaining the error you got. I guess i will do backups tomorow morning (05/31) So we will be down most of the morning. More Later! Ed.
5/24/98 - 8:53 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 602 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 05/24/98 08:01p TO: ALL SUBJECT: System Update Greetings Gang. I just added another 8 gig drive to hold the files received on the fdn network. I also put a fan inside the computer blowing on the cpu & drives, hopefully this will keep it cooler. It has been brought to my attention by a friend that there are programs that will knock nt server off line. I sincerely hope this is not the case here. I am installing a port listner to log all port access & to track someone if this is the case. Its a lot of work keeping this bbs running smooth as it is. More Later.. Happy Holidays to All! Ed.
5/23/98 - 8:18 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 581 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 05/23/98 08:12p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Server Problems Greetings Gang.. I am having problems with the server locking up. Im not sure why but it is up and running again. I suspect it is running hot as the computer room is in the west side of the house & the florida summer sun is here! Guess i will have to get a fan & crank the a/c down a bit. Hopefully it will not puke again.. This is getting to be a full time job! Ed.
5/14/98 - 9:25 PM FORUM: (2) Gen Msgs,Sysinfo,Etc. MSG#: 551 FROM: ED KOON DATE: 05/14/98 09:21p TO: ALL SUBJECT: Greetings Gang! It looks like my domain host has puked royally! So anyone using will not be able to connect here. We have another sub domain known as that can be used as an alternative! I have a ip poster on my home page that reports our current ip address, however since switching to rr is seems to be static. Please scan conference #2 for these type of messages. I will import this into the newsletter. More Later! Ed. ... Doc's Place Online. telnet://
5/4/98 - 11:11 AM Greetings Gang.. Our new domain is active. Were now known on the internet as BBS.DOCSPLACE.ORG In now using this for our primary email servers mx record. so your email address here will now be, is now dead & any mail being sent to this domain will bounce as undeliverable. The old still works but there servers are severly overloaded & this causes mail to be delayed & possibly bounced. So remember to use for everything here. Ed.
4/29/98 - 7:04 PM Greetings All. I am creating a fully qualified domain name for us, It will be this should be active in a few days. Both subdomains will still work as well. I figured a domain would be best for our internet presence on the web. It looks like road runner has finally fixed the problem of sprint users not being to connect here & visa versa. If you download qwk mail it is required you scan this conference as well! im tired of the comments, why dont this work etc.. This conference is designated to providing everyone news about the system, as well as user support. Please as a user help others who are having problems here, I have enough to do keeping the system at peak operating capacity. More Later.. Have Fun! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
4/21/98 - 8:48 PM Greetings Gang. Guess its time for a newsletter update, Its been some time since updating it. The server is hozed up pretty good, I will have to reinstall it soon. i have installed & removed so many programs i have errors & services not starting upon bootup. This will take about a full day, will let you know when i attempt it. The cable modem is working out really well, If there avalible in your area i would suggest getting one. Mine out performs a T1. Everything else is running fine here. More Later.. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
3/25/98 - 10:20 PM Greetings Gang.. I am starting a new job tomorow, I am a buyer for car dealerships. I bet some of you thought i was in the computer feild? Anyway this means many days away from here, lots of auctions to attend, I will be working 7 days a week getting things rolling. So hopefully all will be automated here & it will run it self. I am planning on disabling the Wildcat Navigator, It is causing major system errors. The has been installed, lots of new files are avalible! More Later.. :) Ed.
3/14/98 - 4:01 PM Greetings Gang.. We now have another subdomain name, Its you can use either one to connect here. You also can use either one to send & receive email. your username is your email address seperated by a dot. like first.last@ either or Both work great! Im installing the latest tomorow morning, Sunday March 15. please read the message about this in conference #2 general messages local. More Later! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop. email:
3/12/98 - 10:34 PM Greetings Gang.. Im going to re install the latest this sunday. Many conferences have been removed & added it would be easier to reload another rather than remove/add echos. this is a major task, it will take a good part of the day. please reconfgure your conferences upon login. Ahh... Its so much fun being a sysop! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop. Email
3/1/98 - 5:03 PM Greetings Gang.. Monolith our subdomain provider is down, Not sure for how long. I am running a ip poster on my page. if you cant connect here in the future, Point your web browser to to get our current ip address. Just type the numbers the IP Poster gives you into your telnet terminal. Write this down for future reference. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
2/22/98 - 11:11 PM Greetings Gang.. I have enabled fast login for qwk users. Now if everyone who downloads qwk mail read conference #2 They would know how to skip the login screens & go directly to the qwk door. Nativenet is now flowing, This is about Native American Indians. please check it out. Everything is running smoothly here. Keep up the posting! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
2/13/98 - 8:15 PM Greetings Gang.. The scheduler was not working correctly, So we missed a few mail runs. No mail was lost though, Just late getting here. Were back on track pulling mail in every Two Hrs starting at midnite. Other than that everythings working fine. My girlfriend said im spending too much time in front of the computer Im taking a brake from it for a while, Starting to get burned out a bit. The system is automated well & will reboot, relog in, & redial my isp if neccessary. More Later.. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop. Email
2/3/98 - 4:59 PM Greetings Gang. We had a bad line of thunderstorms come blowing in last night, Which knocked the phones out for a while. Back up with no damage to the system. Im working on automating the system startup sequence to reload everything & redial if the power is out longer than the ups can hold it. Mail seems to be flowing pretty good & all seems well here. More Later.. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
1/28/98 - 3:50 PM Greetings Gang. Were now connected to the Southern Star, 1:396/1 John Souvestre. via automated ftp. I connect every Two Hours to send & receive echomail. John is one of Four Zone-1 (Us & Canada) Hubs that all connect via ftp to send & receive echomail. This will make us one of the fastest bbs to get your backbone mail from! Let me know if you notice your messages are getting to there destination faster. More Later! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
1/27/98 - 10:19 PM Greetings Gang. Im setting us up a mail feed with John Souvestre 1:396/1 via ftp. John is one of 4 Zone-1 mail hubs who connect together using ftp. This will import/export mail every 4 hours, Making things move a lot faster & lessen the chance of lost mail. Im 80% set up here. hopefully it will be working by tomorow am! Also Please, If you download qwk mail, Please scan conference #2! I put quick system related messages there. Also users post messages for help etc there. Say hello to the rest of the gang here etc! More Later.. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
1/27/98 - 1:31 PM Greetings Gang. We had a Thunderstorm come through last night that knocked us offline. All is well, with the exception that no mail has came in from my hub. Im working on getting a ftp feed from one of the zone hubs. this will put us closer to the source & make message traffic go out quicker. More Later. Ed.
1/25/98 - 9:37 PM Greetings Gang! I am setting up a second sub domain called please write this down or print this down. Monolith is moving tomorow & it is uncertan how long they will be down. You should be able to use both of them to connect here though. If all fails goto for my current ip. More Later. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Webmaster.
1/24/98 - 10:08 PM Greetings Gang. Im having to do this over Something messed up. My subdomain provider will be down this Monday the 26th while they move into new offices. If the domain wont connect you, Point your web browser to & get our Current Ip from my home page. just type that number in to your browser or telnet program and it will bring you in. Hope everyone is enjoying the bbs! More Later.. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
1/24/98 - 9:47 PM Greetings Gang! My subdomain provider will be Down Monday 26 January. They are moving into a new office. I have installed an Ip Poster that will report our Current Ip Address while there down. Go to HTTP://HOME1.GTE.NET/EDKOON to get the ip if you cant connect. Just type the ip in your Browser or Telnet Program to log in. I have been running tape backups in the background most of the day. hopefully this didnt slow the server to much. More Later.. Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.
1/22/98 - 12:19 AM Greetings Gang. I just rebooted the server & ran repair on Winservers Databases. some of you were experiencing errots on file transfers, also wc nodeview was not working correctly! I think all is well. Winserver still has a few bugs, but its still the best telnet bbs software around! Monolith is back up before i had to reboot, so all is well here! I just remembered its my 46th birthday! Geez im getting old! Enjoy! Ed.
1/20/98 - 7:49 PM Greetings Gang. The Fidonet mail is back flowing. Our nets Nec Chris Schwab did a fine job restoring the service in a timely mannor! Remember i only have a 28.8 dial up internet account. Please excuse the slowness duing peak times. If you are on the http side of the bbs try Telnetting In! Its much faster & lets you see the Dos look & feel of Doc's Place. Need a decent telnet program for Win95/Nt? Download ZOW307.ZIP Its pretty decent, I use it on my notbook machine! More Later! Ed Koon -=DOC=- Sysop.

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